The Amidah

(HaTefillah – The Standing Prayer spoken toward the Ark of the Covenant)

Blessed are You LORD our God and God of our fathers, God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob, God the great, the mighty and awesome God Most High, Who gives plentiful lovingkindness, Creator of all, Who recalls the kindnesses of the fathers and brings a Redeemer to the children’s children for the sake of His name with love. O King, Helper, Savior and Shield, blessed are You LORD, shield of Abraham.

You are mighty forever, O LORD, restorer of the dead. You are greatly able to save, Who sustains the living in kindness, Who revives the dead with mercy abundant, Who supports the fallen and heals the sick and releases the captives, Who maintains the faith to those who sleep in the dust. Who is like You, O Master of mighty deeds, and who compares to You, O King, Who makes life and death and brings forth salvation and faithful are You to revive the dead. Blessed are You LORD, Who revives the dead.

You are holy and Your name is holy and Your holy ones praise You every day forever. Blessed are You LORD, the God Who is holy.

You show favor to a man of knowledge and You teach to a mortal man understanding. Be gracious to us. From You comes a mind of understanding and intellect. Blessed are You, LORD, Who favors us with knowledge.

Return us, our Father, to Your Torah. Draw us near, our King, to serve You. Restore us to You in complete repentance. Blessed are You, O LORD, who desires repentance.

Forgive us, our Father, for we have sinned. Pardon us, our King, for we have rebelled. For You are a pardoner and a forgiver. Blessed are You, LORD, Who abundantly forgives.

Behold our affliction and champion our cause. Redeem us speedily for the sake of Thy name. Blessed are You, LORD, Redeemer of Israel.

Heal us LORD, and we shall be healed. Save us LORD, and we shall be saved. For the One we praise is You. Bring complete healing for all our sicknesses, O God, for You are our faithful and compassionate Healer and King. Blessed are You, LORD, the Healer of the sick of Israel.

Bless on our behalf, LORD our God, this year and all kinds of crops for goodness. Give blessing on the face of the earth and satisfy us from Your bounty. Bless our year like the years that were good. Blessed are You, LORD, Who blesses the years.

Sound the great shofar for our freedom and raise a banner to gather our exiles and unite us together from the four corners of the earth. Blessed are You, LORD, Who regathers the scattered of His people Israel.

Restore our judges as in the early times and our counselors as at the beginning. Remove our sorrow and pain. We want You, LORD alone, to rule over us with kindness and compassion, to justify us in justice. Blessed are You, LORD and King, Who loves righteousness and justice.

For slanderers let there be no hope, and let all the wicked be doomed in an instant and all Thy enemies be swiftly cut down, and the evil ones swiftly uproot and break and destroy and humble soon in our days. Blessed are You, LORD, Who breaks enemies and humbles sinners.

Upon the righteous, upon the devout, upon the elders of the house of Israel, upon the remnant of their scholars, upon the righteous converts and upon ourselves may Your compassion arise, and give good reward to all who believe in and trust in Your name. Include us with them forever, and let us not be ashamed for we put our trust in You. Blessed are You, LORD, the stronghold and assurance of the righteous.

Return to Jerusalem, Your city, in compassion and rest within it as You said. Rebuild it soon, and in our days, as a structure forever. May You establish the throne of David within it speedily. Blessed are You, LORD, builder of Jerusalem.

May the Branch of David Your servant flourish speedily, and may You exalt in Your salvation, for in Your salvation we hope all the day. Blessed are You, LORD, Who brings forth the horn of salvation.

Hear our voice, O LORD our God, and have pity and mercy upon us and accept in mercy and in favor our prayer, for You are the God Who hears prayers and supplications. Do not turn us away empty from before You, for You hear the prayer of Your people Israel in mercy. Blessed are You, LORD, Who hears prayer.

Accept Your people, O LORD our God, and receive their prayer. Restore the most holy service of Your house and accept the offerings and prayers of Israel in love. May the service of Your people Israel please You always and may it be acceptable to You. May our eyes see You return to Zion in mercy. Blessed are You, LORD, Who restores His presence to Zion.

We thank You, LORD our God, for it is You alone Who is our LORD and our God and the God of our fathers forever and ever. You are the Rock and Shield of our salvation, You alone, from generation to generation. We thank You and tell of Your praise, for our lives are in Your hands and our souls are trusting in You. Every day Your miracles are with us; Your wonders and favors are at all times, evening, morning and afternoon. O Good One, Your compassions are never exhausted, and Your kindnesses are continual. We put our hope in You.

Grant peace, goodness, blessing, grace, kindness and compassion upon us and upon all of Your people Israel. Bless us, our Father, all of us as one, with the light of Your face, for with the light of Your face You gave to us, the LORD our God, the Torah of life and love of kindness, righteousness, blessing, compassion, life and peace. And may it be good in Your eyes to bless Your people Israel at every time and at every hour with Your peace. Blessed are You, LORD, Who blesses Your people Israel with peace.

Michele Rousseau