The Unadulterated Gospel of Jesus the Messiah

There are two things about walking with God, our Lord Jesus the Messiah, the Son of Man, the Son of God.

                One is salvation, which is when we say, “Yes, Jesus. I believe You gave Your life as payment for mine, so now my life is Yours. Take over. Be my Lord.”

                The next part of walking with Jesus is the sanctification process, when He says, “Okay. I’ll be your Lord. But I’m holy, so we’ve got to work together on making you holy, so you can demonstrate the power and love of the kingdom of God.”

                Clearly, the Bible identifies the behaviors that come from pursing holiness. The Bible also identifies the behaviors that qualify as sin and abominations. Sin and abominations take us away from God, and sometimes we choose sin to such an extent that it’s hard to get back to God.

                However, Jesus never wants us to turn away from Him and choose sin. Jesus wants to keep us close to Him in a walk of sanctification and holiness with Him.

                To walk with Jesus, every believer in Jesus will need to daily examine whether they are walking close with Jesus, pursuing sanctification and holiness, or whether they are walking in sin and abomination, getting far away from God.

                Repentance is the way to turn back to God. Repentance is when you agree with Jesus NOT to choose the way of sin anymore because you want Jesus in your life and desire to be in relationship with Him. When you choose to repent, then you also need to ask to be cleansed from your sins by His redeeming blood. You also want to leave old ways of living in sin and surrender to the Lord in leading you in the way of sanctification and holiness, the way of godly love and fellowship, the way of humility and purity, the way of faith and abundant life.

                This is the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah. He wants to save you from sin and destruction now, if you never welcomed Him into your heart and into your life. You can ask Him right now by saying, “Jesus, please come into my life and save me. I want to know You and know Your ways of abundant life. Please forgive me of my sins and cover all of my life with Your blood that cleanses and washes me clean. Make my entire life brand new now so that I may walk through the rest of my life with You for eternity. In Your name Jesus, I reach out to You now, amen.”



Adonai, You are able to seat us in heavenly places because Yeshua asked that we be permitted to be where He is in heavenly places.   Open the portals of heaven to the earth as You revealed to Jacob in a dream in Genesis 28. I command the angels to ascend and descend in all portals between heaven and earth, and even over our dwelling places, to usher in miracles, to usher in answers to godly prayers, to usher in the Goshen glory of Your supernatural presence, protection, provision, light and healing.   Holy Spirit, overshadow and overtake us, so that the Kingdom of Heaven shall be witnessed by others, and they shall know that the Living God and Heaven is real and the Bible is Truth. I declare that the Kingdom of Heaven has come upon us who believe, so that those, who do not yet  believe, may realize that the divinely recorded history of the movements of God in the Bible, is not a fairytale. In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, we welcome Heaven upon us and in our midst with portals of Heaven’s angels ascending and descending on assignment. Amen.


Holy Spirit, I invite you to come from the four winds and breathe Your life into my life. Breathe Your breath into my breath.   Holy Spirit, I long to experience the breath of Heaven. I long to experience You near me and all around me.   Breath of Heaven, lighten my darkness and pour over me, as I offer all I am. Rest upon me with the mercy of Your plan.   Breath of Heaven, help me be strong.   Breath of Heaven, help me be devoted and uncompromising.   Breath of Heaven, help me not to give up.   Breath of Heaven, help me fulfill Your plan of destiny for me to the glory of God! In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, amen.


Dear glorious Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth, I ask You to visit the medical professionals of all ranks and services. I ask You to command Your healing word from Isaiah 53 to all who are sick in this nation and nations around the globe. I especially ask for Your healing command to those who cannot afford medical services, or where there is no more room to accommodate the sick. Yeshua, launch into motion a reversal of the damages from this Covid plague and pandemic. Yeshua, raise up medical inventors who will be divinely inspired with an antidote for all the damaging effects of the covid vaccine.  Move upon the health care professionals to partner with You in healing, Lord Jesus our King and Savior, in Your name, amen.


King Yeshua, I recognize that You are the commander of angel armies. You are Adonai Tzavaot. We call upon Your angel armies who oversee electrical supply in the nations. We command these assigned angels to be a protective iron dome around all electrical supply sources, transmission stations and connections. May all planned attacks of man against our power grids come to nothing. May our electrical supply sources be shielded against all natural destructive events of the weather and cosmos atmosphere. May all forces targeted against our power supply be reversed and ricochet away from our energy supply sources. Protect us from all harm when reversing these forces. Again, we ask that You create an iron dome of protection by Your holy angels around all our power centers, grids and connections. May this divine protection be in the news headlines, and may our King Jesus get the glory. May this miraculous and divine protection stir up the faith of the people in our nation and all nations around the globe. May this news about supernatural protection cause them to renounce Baal and embrace the Living God of Heaven and Earth, the Lord God Jehovah and His Son Jesus of Nazareth for His name’s sake, amen.


Father in Heaven, I bring before You the homeschool community in this nation and nations around the globe. Lord Jesus, You are the Chief educator and teacher for all education. We ask that You will position all homeschool communities in Your protective care. We ask that You lead, guide, and illuminate wisdom and understanding to bring about and establish Your plans for these educators and students to contribute to society. May Your governance be over all homeschooling, to keep these communities in the way of righteousness. May they be covered under Your wings and protected in Your nest, according to Psalm 91, against all who desire to rebel and prey upon their strength in education, against all who feel entitled to persecute their values and alignment with Your will and Your word.   Thank You for all the blessings that You shall bring forth from the homeschooling community, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, amen.


Dear Lord God, we need an invasion of Heaven into the public and private education systems in this nation and nations around the globe. We need Your Truth to march into the hallways and classrooms. We need Your holy angels to get involved in the teaching and all activities of the school day to push back the lies, the perversions and the darkness infiltrating the school curriculums and activities.   We declare that the agenda of darkness to bring gender confusion  and promote racial contention is overthrown by the light of the kingdom of Heaven invading the public and private schools.   We declare that all threats of the government to deny funding to schools resisting this dark assignment against the students are blocked, and we declare that God shall bring the opposite and increase funding to these schools in support of the students to have an education program that promotes life not death, especially for those who are impoverished in the community.   We thank You God our Father for all the contributions You shall bring forth from the students and teachers of our public and private school systems, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, amen.


Father God, we ask for the wisdom mantle of Joseph to come upon many in managing supplies through this famine time. We ask for supernatural supply in Goshen places that You are preparing. We ask for grace to come upon the righteous to give where there is need. We ask for favor of thrift and supernatural economic increase so that we may give from our increase and Your name is glorified in the multiplication of supply. This we ask in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, amen.


Dear Father in Heaven, we ask that You would come down and see the chaos of immigration happening at borders in this nation and nations all around the globe because of famine of supply. We ask that you will raise up Nehemiah’s and Joseph’s with wisdom to protect and manage immigration and supply at the borders. Lord, we need You to send Your holy angels to get involved at the borders of many countries to push back the darkness of evil trying to infiltrate the countries. We ask that You send Your holy angels to the borders of many countries to assist with immigration and supply during this famine time. Thank You for Heaven’s intervention in this time of crisis and chaos. Glory be to God in the highest, who brings us through times of famine with divine provision. In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, amen.

Prayer for God’s Will and Revival in this Decade of the 2020’s

Father God, You are known to move in cycles of time, as You do in the Hebraic feasts You gave to the nation of Israel when they came out of Egypt. We recognize that the devil copies You and strategizes attacks against us in cycles of time. We agree with Your plan for the 2020s, and we proclaim: Let all the LORD God desires to accomplish as written in Heaven about the 2020s come forth and be established. Holy Spirit help us not to agree with or repeat the attacks from the devil in past centuries of the 20s decades.

Father God, we welcome You to use all events, all people and all things to Your glory. We welcome Your glory now. Glory of God come in this decade of the 2020s. Awakening and revival come in this decade of the 2020s.

We proclaim that the root of Masonic witchcraft and satanic occult is cut off from our nation’s government and republic. We cancel the enemy’s assignment to tear apart our government, our nation and the Church. We ask, Father God, that You uproot the corruption in our government, our nation and the Church. We proclaim that all lies, deceptions and false accusations shall now be silenced by Truth in the name of Jesus. We call upon the hosts of heaven to come and invade this atmosphere of civil war in our culture, in our government, causing contentions of ethnic identity, national allegiance and spiritual devotion.

We declare that the Divine Sower is rebirthing His original liberated republic in our nation, according to the will of God, not the plans of man. May the Divine Gardner of Heaven plant new seeds to renew our nation and land, for better relations and better community living among all people.

We agree for the will of Heaven to be done. We welcome the birth of God’s greatest revival now. Let revival come and conquer all division in our land. May all colors and cultures of people come together in unity and appreciation of one another, in the Church and in the nation. Holy Spirit awaken us! Breathe upon these dry bones in our nation! Glory of God arise upon us! May the prayer of Jesus in John 17 be heard and answered in this generation, so that all people may witness the glory of God, the unity of God’s people and the protection of God around His people. May the people suddenly desire salvation, suddenly desire Yeshua! Thank You, Father God, for hearing our plea and answering our prayer, according to Your glorious plan, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshua Ha Mashiach, our King of Glory, amen.


We call upon Your name Most High God Yahweh, and we bring before You the travel industry in this nation and all nations around the globe. You launched the ways and means of travel ages ago when Adam and Eve had to move out of the Garden of Eden, when Cain had to move out away from his family, when Noah had to seek protection from the flood upon the Earth, when Abraham had to move away from his idolatrous family, when the children of Abraham had to relocate to escape famines and when Israel had to leave Egypt to escape the 400 years of slavery.

In this age, travel has become more than a means of survival. Travel has become a means of business and opportunity for abundant life, opportunity for outreach to help others improve their quality of life. Dear God, we call upon You to intervene in the travel industry, for the sake of Your original plan. Restore to travel the safety, hospitality and righteous purposes You desire for travel. Uproot the greed and corruption that has spoiled the travel industry. Raise up the righteous in train, plane and automobile operations to bring back the priority of safety, well-being and purpose in travel.  We agree with Your plan and purpose for the travel industry and declare that Your plan of restoration shall come forth in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, amen.


We sit at Your feet Good Shepherd, and we lift You up on the throne of our lives.  We come under Your shadow and yield to Your rod and staff for our comfort and safety. Hide us under Your wings as we peer out from Your nest of watching and praying. Hide us in Your secret place as we equip the saints to walk in Your paths of righteousness. Nourish and restore our souls from the pains of misunderstanding, hurt and betrayals of our own brethren. For we recognize the face of that enemy, the devil, trying to divide the family of God from one another in this valley of the shadow of death. We come to Your covenant table, Your communion table, to receive and drink in every anointing in this covenant with You, Lamb of God, our Good Shepherd. We overflow with every gift given to us by Holy Spirit, according to the will of the Father, to benefit one another on this journey of divine purpose and destiny, to bear good fruit that remains for the Kingdom of Heaven. We invite and welcome Holy Spirit and angel armies to help us and assist us and bear us up in this spiritual warfare against the thousands of demonic forces. For we know that one can defeat a thousand and two can defeat ten thousand, even as the sword of the Lord and Gideon’s three hundred defeated an army of thousands. We bless Your holy and righteous name, and we know that You have assigned goodness and mercy to chase us down, overshadow us and overtake us on this journey until we are embraced into Your arms, O Good Shepherd, to dwell in Your house with You forever and ever, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, we receive this covenant protection and victory, amen.


O Lord our God, Adonai, may our labors, our investments and our rewards be ordered and orchestrated by You. Lead us, Lord, in the stewarding of our personal finances and the finances You have entrusted to us to steward and manage. In everything You have granted into our hands, lead us to be good stewards from personal to national trades and exchanges, gifts and giving, investments and growth. We declare that only the devil has strategy for lack, but God Almighty only knows growth and abundance, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven gives and grows. The Kingdom of Heaven sows and reaps. The Kingdom of Heaven does not hold back the things from God. The whole earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Teach us and equip us, O Lord, to righteously steward all You have given to us for the benefit of all in this time of famine. Raise up the Josephs, the Nehemiahs, the Daniels, the Ezras, the Esthers, the Pauls and Silas’, the Elijahs and Elishas, to bring us out of the deception of Baal and return our generation back to God because Your economy is above this economy, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, amen.


Father God, Maker of Heaven and Earth, by the blood sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus of Nazareth, the Lamb of God and the Good Shepherd, we ask that all trauma from injustice to Indigenous people, African people, European people, Asian people and Semitic people be cleansed and washed away, including trauma from all cruelty, loss of life, loss of loved ones, separation from loved ones, loss of land and loss of dignity.

Father God, we apply the covenant blood of Jesus of Nazareth by the power of Holy Spirit and ask that all shackles of unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, vengeance, grudges and arrogant pride be broken off of these ethnic groups, and may the people of all nations be overshadowed and overtaken by the liberty of forgiveness toward all other races, ethnic groups and nations, as was Joseph toward his brothers in Genesis 50 verses 20 and 21. We receive from Heaven now and agree with the desire of Father God for unity, brotherly kindness, liberty, justice and a genuine mindset to dwell together with one another. May the hearts and souls of all these beautiful groups of people You have created now be free to walk in forgiveness and dignity of purpose in God, without fear, and seeking brotherly kindness and understanding with those who are different, to restore dignity and purpose in community relations, as did William Penn and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , according to the original plan of God our Father and Creator, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.

Father God, we ask by the blood Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus of Nazareth, the perfect Passover Lamb of God, that all shackles of denial of true identity and purpose be broken off all semitic people, that they be overshadowed and overtaken by resurrection of Your promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to walk in their covenant purpose, to be a blessing to all nations, as was Joseph a blessing to all nations in the time of great famine in Genesis. May the hearts and souls of all Semitic people today align with their covenant purpose in God and be a light and blessing to all nations, so that they shall be a sign of the Living God Most High, Yahweh.

In all these plans and purposes for Your Creation, for Your beautiful people all over the globe, we agree with You, wonderful Father God, in the name of Your glorious Son, Jesus of Nazareth, amen.

Holy Spirit, Lead Us Into All Truth

Father God, God of life, thank You for deciding to make us like You, to be part of Your family, as You expressed in Genesis chapter 1 verse 26.

You desire life, not death. Thank You for breath and a beating heart to the rhythm of life. Thank You for fruit of the womb and the destinies You assign to each one who comes forth from the womb. Thank You for the Tree of Life, which bears fruit of eternal life.

We recognize that we have come out of a pandemic caused by an engineered virus, which attacked life, breath, hearts and wombs.

We also recognize that in the beginning of 2023, various towns throughout our nation have suffered many toxic chemical spills in a very short period of time. As we come out of the pandemic, we need to reflect on what we went through in order to heal, and ponder and pray about what we are still going through.

Holy Spirit, lead us into all TRUTH about all that we went through in those years of pandemic, which focused on fear and death, which put our economy into a tailspin, which only fanned the flames of division in this culture of civil unrest. Holy Spirit, unveil to us the TRUTH about the engineered virus. Holy Spirit, unveil to us the TRUTH about the vaccine mandate of great controversy, especially in the health profession. Holy Spirit, unveil to us the TRUTH about the frequent toxic chemical spills throughout various towns across the nation. Holy Spirit, unveil to us the TRUTH about the food shortages, like baby formula. Holy Spirit, unveil to us the TRUTH about the bank closings. Holy Spirit, unveil to us the TRUTH behind the currency issues. Holy Spirit, unveil to us the TRUTH about the controversies around the elections. Holy Spirit, unveil to us the TRUTH about all other headline concerns, including court cases and medical research about premature heart attacks and blot clotting on the rise, as reported in non-mainstream media. Holy Spirit, unveil the TRUTH to us of why the mainstream media is not reporting the concerns being reported in the non-mainstream media.

Holy Spirit, we ask You to bring Your microscope over this time of pandemic, so that we may see the bigger picture of an engineered virus and the effects of a vaccine mandate. Holy Spirit, hover over the chaos of noise and controversy. Holy Spirit, pull back the curtain. Holy Spirit, open the closets where the skeletons of this pandemic have been hiding.

Holy Spirit, we trust You to reveal to us the TRUTH we need to know, the TRUTH that shall resurrect and restore life, the TRUTH that shall conquer fear and restore peace, the TRUTH that shall silence the noise of chaos and lies. In the name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach, Jesus of Nazareth, the Crucified Lamb of God, who is TRUTH AND JUSTICE by His atonement covenant blood, amen, amen


Father and Creator of our lives, we agree and establish that You have put a hedge around us, as revealed in Job 1:10.

We agree and establish that You are a shield around us, according to Psalm 3:3.

We are Your family. You have chosen us and called us to walk with You in Your plan.

This generation and the next generation belong to You.

You declare over us in Matthew 16:18 that the gates of hell shall not prevail against us.

This generation agrees with Your justice, and we receive Your strength to turn back the battle at the gate, according to Isaiah 28:6, so that the next generation shall possess the gate of their enemies, as You declared in Genesis 22:17.

In the name of Jesus of Nazareth and in the covenant of His sacrifice blood, we agree and establish these declarations over this and the next generations, with the seal of the signet ring of King Jesus, amen.